Fall Noise Mini-Conference

This conference focuses on practical applications of noise measurement and control principles. It is of interest to active practitioners in acoustics and those who call upon them for help in solving noise and vibration problems. Here is the plan for the day:


Session Details

Introduction to Acoustics Workshop 

Steve Bilawchuk, MSc, PEng, ACI Acoustical Consultants Inc.

This half-day course is for Engineers, Technologists, Environmental Scientists, Oil and Gas personnel, Regulators, Health and Safety Officers, and anyone who deals with noise issues as part of their work. This course will provide basic principles of acoustics including sound pressure levels (decibels), sound power, frequency content, noise sources, sound propagation, measurements, and noise control. This seminar will develop and enhance the participants knowledge, concepts and principles in Acoustics, providing an opportunity to apply theory to practical situations about noise sources and their control. It introduces concepts and practical examples in measuring and controlling noise. Topics include the following:

  • Describing the noise source: frequency, wavelength, decibels, frequency weighting scales, sound power level and directional characteristics, physical description of common noise sources. 
  • Sound measurements, including equipment used, broadband and frequency analysis, averaging, accuracy, measurement techniques. 
  • Sound propagation outdoors, environmental noise, noise modelling 
  • Principles in noise control 
  • Various audio and visual examples of topics covered. 
  • A full set of printed course notes will be provided

Why consultants cost so much...or do they?

Jonathan Chui, Stantec
Dan Clayton, SLR Consulting (Canada) Ltd.
James Farquharson, FFA Consultants in Acoustics and Noise Control

Aimed at clients who hire consultants for noise work, this session aims to explain the factors that affect project cost (e.g., APEGA rates, travel, number/length of field measurements, automation vs. uniqueness of analysis, number of meetings, court appearances, scope creep) relevant to projects in environmental, transportation, and architectural projects.

Defining the problem (RFP Requirements)

Jessie Roy, RWDI Consulting Engineers and Scientists
Pascal Everton, Soft dB
Ian Bonsma, HGC Engineering

Aimed at individuals who develop RFPs, this session aims to articulate ways in which clients may over-design or poorly articulate the scope of work in environmental, transportation and architectural acoustics projects, adding unnecessarily to the cost or leading to less useful results. Good examples of RFP requirements will be offered.

What  didn't work and why

Cliff Faszer, FFA Consultants in Acoustics and Noise Control
Andy Strasser, Merlin Integrated Solutions
Richard Patching, Patching Associates Acoustical Engineering

Aimed at both consultants and their clients, this session will educate the audience on ineffective choices in design and construction of solutions for noise and vibration problems in environmental, transportation and architectural projects. Solutions that actually worked will also be shared. 

Lunch Plenary - Reflections of a Transplant

Dan Clayton,Technical Discipline Manager (Acoustics & Vibration) at SLR Consulting (Canada) Ltd.

Dan came to Calgary, Alberta from the UK where he worked in the acoustics and vibration field for eleven years after completing his education at the University of Salford in Manchester, England. Since 2018, he has worked for SLR Consulting in several different capacities. This recent experience with the profession of acoustics in two countries gives Dan a unique perspective on the similarities and differences in the way the profession is practised, regulated and supported. Dan is a current, active member of the AANViS board.

Noise Regulations

Joan Yu, Alberta Utilities Commission
Jason Cao, Alberta Energy Regulator
Philipp Wloka, Engineering, Environment and Sustainability, Alberta Infrastructure
Vedran Vavan & Heather Leonhardt, City of Calgary Transportation Planning
Other panelists TBA

This 3-hour session will discuss current and new noise regulations and their implications for oil/gas projects, road and rail transportation corridors and buildings.

How to become a good consultant

Justin Caskey, Patching Associates Acoustical Engineering (PAAE)
Teresa Drew, RWDI Consulting Engineers and Scientists
Corjan Buma, MEANU at University of Alberta

This session is aimed at students and those considering a move into consultancy. This session will get people thinking about the difference between the concerns of a consultancy and those of a company with internally developed and resourced projects and products. Elements leading to success as a consultant will be presented by those working as consultants.

Old pros, new techniques and innovations 

"A Method for Localizing Low-frequency Noise Sources," Richard Patching, Patching Associates Acoustical Engineering (PAAE)
"Investigation of Traffic-Related Ambient Sound Assessment," Sheying Sun, Patching Associates Acoustical Engineering (PAAE)
"Temporary Noise Control Applications for Construction, Oil & Gas and Pipelines," Matt Cott, Behrens & Associates Environmental Noise Control 
"Improving Architectural Acoustics in an Open Studio Space," Carmen Chu, Gwen Houtzager & Twinkle Lakhani, University of Calgary
"Learning to Listen: Teaching architectural acoustic design through analysis and simulation," Guy Gardner, University of Calgary

Aimed at people working in acoustics, this session explores how old pros and new voices are making measurement, analysis and problem solving easier. If you haven't had the opportunity to attend international acoustics and noise conferences recently or are unlikely to go in the near future, this is your chance to hear a few presentations by local acousticians on recent results, innovations, and acoustics education.

Reception and Book Launch

Not quite ready to go home? Still need to connect with someone? Join us over a few light snacks and a drink (no host bar) to help us celebrate the publication of Dr. Marcia Jenneth Epstein's book, Sound and Noise: A Listener's Guide to Everyday Life. Dr. Epstein is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Communication, Media and Film at the University of Calgary, with a research interest in acoustic ecology, She also serves as a Director-at-Large on the board of AANViS.

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