Annual General Meeting

Alberta Acoustics, Noise & Vibration Society

2022 Annual General Meeting Agenda

Wednesday March 16, 2022, 7:00 p.m.


1.   Call to Order

2.   Approval of the Agenda

3.   Approval of the AGM Minutes from March 11, 2021

4.   Treasurer’s Audit Report

5.  Appointment of Auditors for the year 2022

6.   President Annual Report

7.  Election of Officers and Board Members

8.  Future Society Directions

9.  Volunteer Appreciation

10. Adjournment


2021 Annual General Meeting

Thursday, March 11th, 7:00 pm

The following members were acclaimed to the board for the coming year: Richard Patching, Jonathan Chui, Jack Davis, Justin Dos Ramos, Philip Wloka and Marcia Epstein. The annual report is reproduced below:

First, a bit of History:

In the 1980s, the Alberta Energy Resources Conservation Board (the ERCB) held biennial conferences on noise and how their regulations of the energy related industries were measured, evaluated and enforced.  Industry specialists, consultants, community members and government representatives attended these conferences and provided workshops and technical papers on how to deal with noise issues.

By the mid-1990s, the ERCB no longer sponsored these conferences, and the Alberta Acoustics and Noise Association (the AANA) was formed to continue with the conferences.  The Spring Noise Conferences were successfully held usually in Banff, Alberta until 2011 and attracted individuals from across Canada, the USA and in 2011, a plenary speaker attended from Sweden.

After 2011, largely from pressures of work and other factors, the AANA ceased operations, and the government of Alberta dissolved the AANA.

Getting Started:

In the winter of 2019, a group of acoustical professionals who had been involved with the previous Spring Noise Conferences got together to reactivate the organization with the intent to start holding the conferences again.  Under the rules of the Society registry, you cannot reactivate the same name or very similar name to a previously suspended society.  Consequently, the Alberta Acoustics, Noise and Vibrations Society (AANViS) was incorporated as a non-profit society in April 2020.

An interim board was formed to move forward. All were practitioners in acoustics and noise control with extensive experience in the field.  They included

  • Richard Patching, P.Eng. as Acting President
  • Jack Davis, as Acting Secretary
  • Jonathan Chui, P.Eng. as Acting Treasurer
  • Dr. Marcia Epstein
  • Philipp Wloka, P.Eng. and
  • Justin Dos Ramos, C.E.T.

 We have met every 1 to 2 months to get things up and running.

 Dr. Kathleen Biersdorff worked with the board as a volunteer, sharing her expertise in setting up organizations, creating and maintaining websites and event planning.

The stated objects of the society are ‘To promote and promulgate information about issues concerning acoustic measurement, noise regulations, noise abatement, and public perception of noise in Alberta’.

As we thought it premature to hold a multi-day conference at this early juncture of the society, we arranged to hold a one-day conference at the Coast Plaza Hotel in Calgary, Alberta, originally set for October 2020. Topics of interest were chosen, and the interim board pitched in to find and invite speakers and panellists. We managed to arrange two concurrent sessions, with a lunch-time speaker on open-air festival sound systems. A menu for the breakfast and lunch periods was worked out by Marcia Epstein and Kathleen Biersdorff. A flyer to advertise the event was prepared. This was all done before the COVID pandemic began. The conference was optimistically postponed to April 2021 and has now been set for April 20, 2022. The conference hotel has allowed us to postpone twice without penalty or complaint.

Jack Davis contacted acoustic consultants and interested parties in Alberta to let them know about the conference and encourage them to become members of the Society.

Setting up a Society involves many steps beyond Society registration. Our next step was to set up a new bank account for the Society. We contacted the former AANA directors and signing authorities for the old AANA account and transferred the existing funds to the new AANViS account. We also had various banners, sign boards, projectors and other materials that needed to be located and transferred to our Society.

Kathleen Biersdorff arranged a domain name for AANViS and created a basic website. We established a membership fee and application process. Kathleen set up a PayPal account through which memberships could be purchased, as well as for conference registrations.

On-going operations:

As this was our first year of operations as AANViS, a number of additional items were dealt with, including the spreading the news of the new organization, seeking members and holding an Annual General Meeting of the members. Jack Davis has continued to reach out to contacts to keep them informed.  Our first of three annual member newsletters sent out in February, 2021. Each newsletter will update members on Board activities, conference plans and news of interest to our community. Tonight, we will hold elections to form our first “non-interim” Board members and we will also discuss what our members would like to see AANViS do moving forward.

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