AANViS Board & Meetings

AANViS Board

President - Richard Patching

Vice-President - Justin Dos Ramos

Secretary - Jack Davis

Treasurer - Jonathan Chui

Member-at-Large - Marcia Jenneth Epstein

Member-at-Large - Philipp Wloka

Member-at-Large - Taylor Smyth

Recent Activities (July - October 2021)

The Board has met monthly on Zoom during this period, with a number of members participating in these meetings. As a relatively new organization, we are still setting directions and developing a vision of what AANViS will be and do. Although we have bylaws registered with the Government of Alberta outlining basic rules, there is still room to describe how we operate on a day-to-day basis, how we make decisions and how we communicate. Our Vice-President, Justin Dos Ramos, has worked with interested members to develop a "Terms of Reference" draft document to flesh out these ideas. We have discussed parts of it at each meeting since June and will soon have it ready for public display. One of the ideas that we will try out at our next open board meeting is to have an open roundtable discussion near the end of the meeting where members in attendance can discuss any other topics, provide updates, share information, etc.

We are also acting on various suggestions for future directions from our first Annual General Meeting. These include

  • Promoting Student Engagement in the Acoustics field - We have reached out to faculty in Engineering, Architectural Studies, Environmental Design and Communications to find opportunities to present on work in the field to students and seek out relevant student organizations. This Fall, members will be presenting to students in  Humanities course on Sound and Noise taught by Dr. Marcia Epstein. We are also hoping to expand our presentations from students and faculties at our April 22, 2022 mini-conference.
  • Outreach to Build AANViS Awareness/Membership - Our Secretary, Jack Davis, has been reaching out to organizations in related areas.
  • Member Communication/Engagement - We have invited members to write articles for our website and newsletter, as well as identify topics of interest. You will continue to see informative posts on this website representing a variety of businesses and other organizations.

Board Meetings

AANViS board meetings are open to all members and interested parties. Currently these meetings are held on Zoom at https://us02web.zoom.us/j/9312505581?pwd=aWN0VEhBZllSN1k2VDdjK0JWVUhCQT09 

Passcode: 1jYjCi

The next meeting is Tuesday, November 2, 2021, 5:00 - 6:00 pm.

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