Thursday, July 21, 2022

Let's Get Social

This is a chance to meet up with and connect with other acoustics, noise and vibration professionals in Alberta. Please RSVP, so we have an idea on the number of people attending.


A Different Kind of Conference


October 28, 2022

There are many conferences for acousticians by acousticians (e.g., CAA, Inter-Noise, Noise-Con, International conferences on Wind Turbine Noise, the International Congress on Acoustics).  While interesting and of value, it is sometimes challenging to consistently find practical applications to our day-to-day work solving problems for our clients. Our upcoming conference, like those of AANA in the past, provides an opportunity for Alberta acousticians to share what they know with others interested in the field, and in particular with those in industry who might need to hire acousticians and want/need to get an idea of the ‘black magic’ we practise. (A lot of people really dislike logarithms.)

This October’s 1-day conference puts a focus, in part, on the business of acoustics—how workplans and proposals are developed and priced, and what goes into being a consultant. There are also sessions on best practices in noise and vibration solutions, sometimes discovered by trying things that should have worked but didn’t. We will also get a look at a student project and current trends in acoustics education in Alberta. Some sessions are still evolving.

One of AANViS’ primary objectives is education of interested parties. Our full morning Introduction to Acoustics by Steve Bilawchuk has traditionally been used to help train regulator staff in the principles of acoustics, as they were the ones responsible for administering the noise control directives.  They were not exclusively acousticians but needed a grounding in the field. Besides regulators, this course is also of value to architects, engineers and project managers in environmental, transportation and energy whose projects are sometimes affected by noise or vibration issues.

We are especially proud of our panel on noise regulations in Alberta. We have gathered representatives of the AER, AUC, Alberta Infrastructure and city transportation to talk about the noise regulations that affect projects in Alberta. This is a great opportunity for dialogue between those who make and administer the rules and those who must operate within them.

In fact, the entire day is filled with opportunities for dialogue and developing a better understanding of what goes into acoustics work. For more details, please visit our conference page. Register now for the early-bird rate.