Monday, May 11, 2020

Mini-Conference in the Works

A 1-day mini-conference will be held April 22, 2022 at the Coast Plaza Hotel and Conference Centre in Calgary. We are pleased to announce that the lunch-time keynote speaker is Jeremy Bridge of PK Sound, who will share his work on designing speaker systems for outdoor concerts that significantly reduce noise complaints from those living near the concert site. Half-day workshops will offer an Introduction to Acoustics and a review of Alberta Noise Regulations. Alternate sessions will address why noise consultants cost so much, designing an effective RFP, stories of what didn't work and why (and what was done to fix the problem), how to become a good consultant, and new tech and old pros. Click here for more details.

Recommended Podcast

Dr. Marcia Jenneth Epstein of the University of Calgary has a new podcast out for those who are interested in a sneak preview of the material in her new book, "Sound and Noise: A Listener's Guide to Everyday Life." The podcast is at

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